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rock hard place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

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house infohouselogic.com

Some Selling Tips:

Selling your home quickly at the best possible price is usually what homesellers want. Help show all your home's special qualities by following some easy suggestions. First impressions are very important to a prospective Buyer.

Landscaping is easily noticed, so keep the lawn cut and remove unsightly weeds. Check the trees and remove any dead branches that you can easily reach. Clear any twigs or leaves from gutters and dispose of debris there may be around property.

Little Things such as cleaning dirty windows and screens brighten the exterior. Polish the doorknob, knocker or mailbox to enhance the entrance. Attention to these details reflect good overall maintenance and help you sell your home.

Fresh paint may make a difference in the sale, or new wallpaper. Caulking the tubs and shower, or patching cracks in the plaster, patching holes in the screens can help enhance the interior of your home.

Often we are used to seeing our home on a regular basis, and may not notice things a Buyer may see with a fresh perspective. Sticking doors, windows and drawers can easily be lubricated and loose doorknobs should be tightened.

A clean and cheerful looking home will make it more inviting, with curtains, bedspreads and lampshades cleaned and dusted. Shine mirrors and glass, dust bookshelves and furniture. Replace any missing coverplates and switchplates. Take advantage of natural light by opening the blinds, or make a warm fire in the fireplace in the Winter. Fresh cut flowers or shrubbery can add an extra touch. Sometimes a loaf of bread, or fresh baked cookies add a "homey" touch.

Eliminate distractions when your home is being shown, children and pets should leave the home, and avoid inviting friends or neighbors over during the showing, and turn off the radio and TV unless it is played very softly with something soothing.



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